Techplus Leads Policy

Leadxchange lead management process begins with the generation of inquiries/leads and is classified into two broad categories
NQL – Nurturing Leads (Partially full fill BANT))
HQL – High Qualified Leads (Full fill BANT)

HQL – High Qualified Leads (Fulfill BANT) NQL – Nurturing Leads (Partially fulfill BANT)
Project Confirmed with Budget Project confirmed with or without budget No confirm project
Authority Decision makers / Influencers Decision makers / Influencers
Need Customer Needs and Pain points have been identified. Customer Needs and Pain points have been identified.
Time Within 3-12 months 6 – 24 months
Solution Discussed Requirement can be met. Requirement can be met.
Next Steps Demo Request, RFP, Vendor Evaluation Send Information, Events, Marketing Activities

Note – Leadxchange can provide a platform to facilitate sales ,We can generate Qualified leads but will not be involved into Field sales . As per our lead conduit validation policy ,A lead is term "Valid" only if it has no duplicate data , invalid values/ranges and missing fields . A lead is termed "Rejected" only if the mail response from the receipt server fail , We can replace rejected lead only if the same is intimated within 15days from the report submission date. Rejected leads can be replaced with fresh leads only thru mail response process, Any Validation of leads through Tele-calling Involves additional cost .

Contacted and Not Contacted leads- – A lead is marked "Contacted" when you call and speak to the lead Contacted leads involve Tele -calling and involves additional cost .

    Policy related to Not Contacted –

  • a) Replacement of leads If Non-contacted leads are reported within 7days from the date of report submission
  • b) Fresh set of Valid leads will be shared against Non contacted leads ,No status sheet will be shared related to Non-contacted leads if not Opted Tele-calling plan.
  • c) Any change in the profile of data, format of Lead sheet or any further filtering of the data can be done only with renegotiated price package.

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