Lead Rejection Policy

In order to ensure fair treatment of both Merchants and publishers we have adopted a consistent Lead Rejection Policy for all activity.

Acceptable Rejection Criteria:
Invalid Contact Details: The Customer Lead contains contact details that do not work, i.e. the telephone numbers supplied either do not ring, do not allow voice conversation (e.g. fax machine), have an automated "number not in service" type message or registered on the do not call service
Duplicate Lead: a Customer completes the same form twice and Optimise receives a duplicate Customer Lead regarding that Customer, in which case the duplicate Customer Lead shall not be valid
Hoax Lead: The Customer Lead contains contact details that are clearly bogus e.g. fictional names or random characters
Fraudulent Lead: A lead that Optimise determines was not generated in good faith by a customer with a genuine interest in the Product/Solutions/services
Non-Territory Lead: A lead generated by an individual who is not based in a Non assigned territory
Form fills: Form-fill is auto-accepted, unless there is Red flag raised with respect to: wrong no. / wrong email ID / left organization

The Company must notify Optimise that a lead is rejected and the reason for the rejection within 7 days of receipt of the lead.

For the avoidance of doubt, the following (but not limited to the following) will not be acceptable reasons for the rejection of Leads:
Purchased Elsewhere: Advertiser will not invalidate Customer Leads for customers who have sourced their advice elsewhere following submission of their enquiry. Advertiser will follow up on a Customer Lead as quickly as possible to ensure it remains as fresh as when it was delivered.
Changed Mind: Advertiser will not invalidate Customer Leads for customers who have changed their mind about receiving advice, or whose circumstances have changed, following submission of their enquiry.
No Contact: Advertiser will not invalidate Customer Leads where Advertiser has been unable to contact the customer via any of the contact details in the Customer Lead, except where the telephone numbers do not work.

In case of any interruption or Pause in Campaign , the Invoice will be raised on total leads submitted before the Pause Instruction Techplus will replace rejected lead only if the same qualify the above criteria and is intimated within 7days from the report submission date and subsequent final rejection on replaced leads must again qualify above criteria and should intimated within 7 days with rejection reason

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